Working Papers

  • Mapping and Accounting for Gender Stereotypes and other Cultural Biases in Image Recognition (with Carsten Schwemmer, Emily Bello-Pardo, Carly Knight, Jeff Lockhart, Stan Oklobdzija, Iacopo Pozzana) Paper
  • Text as Data in Political Psychology (with Christian Pipal and Gijs Schumacher) Paper
  • The Paper Tiger in the Papers: Automated Analysis of the EU in Dutch Newspapers 1990-2017 (with Max Boiten)
  • JST and rJST in Political Speech (with Christian Pipal, Max Boiten and Gijs Schumacher) Paper
  • Dynamic Responsiveness in Political Speech (with Denise Traber and Gijs Schumacher)
  • Competition in Media Systems and Voter Knowledge: An Agent-Based Model Paper