Work in progress

  • Text as Data in Political Psychology (with Christian Pipal and Gijs Schumacher) Paper
  • JST and rJST in Political Speech (with Christian Pipal, Max Boiten and Gijs Schumacher) Paper
  • Competition in Media Systems and Voter Knowledge: An Agent-Based Model Paper
  • Voter Signalling or Coalition Adjustment? Party Competition and Environmental Speeches in the German Bundestag (with Clint Claessen and Denise Traber)
  • Three Gaps in Computational Methods for Social Sciences: A Research Agenda (with Christian Baden, Christian Pipal, and Mariken van der Velden)
  • Home Field Advantage? EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement Meeting Locations and Textual Tone (with Sam Brazys)
  • Do Candidates Tweet About Oirish Sheep? Examining the Irish #GE2020 Campaign on Social Media Using an Images-as-Data Approach (with James P Cross, Derek Greene, and Stefan M"{u}ller)