Together with Milan van Lange (NIOD) and Mark Dechesne (Uni Leiden) I co-organize the Mind, Text and Mining seminar, which takes place four times a year.

About the seminar: In various academic fields texts are analysed for indicators of speaker personality, or speaker emotions like disgust, anger, and happiness: concepts which have been shown to drive political behavior or to represent opinions, attitudes or emotionality in relation to certain topics. Quantitative analysis of these psychological constructs in the study of historical, social, and political phenomena is burgeoning.

To learn more about these developments, we have formed a multidisciplinary group of interested and active researchers in the Netherlands by means of a regularly occurring seminar in which best practices in applied work, new methodologies, and substantive new findings are exchanged and discussed. We aim for a group of committed members who intend to participate on a regular basis.